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San Diego  CA  92109

Why we are here


Baked started from a long passed down tradition of bakeries in Nanci's family. Her parents owned a chain of certified kosher bakeries mostly on the Los Angeles area. Her parents now enjoy a life of retirement luxury. Nanci really missed having fresh baked goods and missed the bakery life, so back in 2009 she concocted an idea of opening her own, scaled down, cozy bakery by the beach.


Our reputation


We make it all by hand....right here, every day!


We're best known for our brioche cinnamon rolls, but bake everything under the sun. Our cinnamon rolls are made with real butter, flour, sugar, eggs, milk, and yeast. No preservatives, no conditioners, no fillers...period. The rolls are huge and topped with our cream cheese frosting! You can also get sticky buns or apple cinnamon rolls. During the fall months, we offer a pumpkin cinnamon roll.


Our Philosophy


Most of our baked goods hover around 5 ingredients. That's our standard and were stickin to it!




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